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04.23.17. Hey all. I know we're a bit slow right now, but blame the time! A lot of us are in school and for those of us in university, myself included, this has been crunch time. We're all still about, even if we don't get a ton of time for posts right now, but rest assured that we're sticking around. The staff team is hard at work with an exciting sitewide plot that we're going to unleash soon ( probably after school, admittedly ) so there's that to look forward to! I'd like to give you guys a quick update - I'm almost finished with a pretty simply, functional new layout, including a working account switcher. The coder(s) I've commissioned over time have been too busy to get our skins done, so for now this will do. I'll be releasing that midweek next week and will probably hold a banner contest quickish afterwards, to give everyone multiple choices for skins! I'd also like to give you a heads up that Fear, Fox, Hobs and Knot have been removed from staff either for inactivity or by their request. Thanks to everyone for sticking around for the long haul.

03.25.17. Hello friends! Our Destiny Dice system is live, and you'll find a page for it to the right, where our content links are now conveniently located. An in depth explanation on how to use it is found in the page. We'll use this system for both breeding and fighting and it entirely removes bias. Anyu has made a place for you to fiddle with the rolls, to see how they work and show you that they're tamper-proof, here. You'll also see a few new pages and notice that content has been updated. Keep browsing the content, guys, to keep up to date! Expect a full-length news report soon. Stay awesome.

03.13.17. I've installed the automatic aging script and the random event script! As such, please ajdust your age on your profile. It should have only numbers - and you'll find you're unable to put anything other than numbers in it, now. I will make the profile field unable to be edited in one week's time. From here on out, your age will automatically adjust every 6 IC months ( 3 OOC months ) to reflect a 0.5 addition to the age, which equates out to half a year! Likewise, the random event account will have a 20% chance of posting an event to any and all IC threads, which you can then respond to for a variety of things ( aptitude points, forum or item discovery and more! ) We're working on implenting the new dice roller plugin as well, so be on the look out for a page explaining all these fun new systems in the near future!

03.06.17. We've got a new custom layout in the works, courtesy of Isoldehn, and some fancy, automatic scripts coming, courtesy of Shinka! They're going to make Atrophia that much more manageable and fun, so in the meantime stick with us! We know there's some bugs, but we'll be off this layout and onto the new one in no time flat! Have some patience, all, and thank you for joining us.

03.01.17. Hey folks. We've been made aware of a few issues and we're working on that! In the mean time, they don't affect threading and such, so feel free to keep on keeping on. I'd like to welcome Fox and Fear to the site as moderators! They've already showed great commitment and excitement for the future of Atrophia! They've also graciously offered to work on a new layout for us - one that will allow us to have multiple skin options with separate banners, etc. We'll keep you updated ( and give them a big thank you! ).

02.28.17. THIS IS IT. Our grand re-opening! Welcome one and all, and a thousand thank-yous to everyone who stuck around, encouraged me and showed ongoing interest! Welcome to Atrophia v2.

03.13.17 Viceroy, a new dog in town, has risen up to attempt to claim the forest for a pack she's calling the Sparrows! Dogs begin filing into the forest to hear what she has to say - will they all stand beside her, or will a challenger rise up? The rest of Calvert is trying to remember what it's like to be a city with life and the dogs are trying to remember what it's like to live with the infected so near.

03.06.17 Dogs begin flooding back to the decimated city, trying to reclaim what they lost or gouge out a new living. There are plenty who show the promise of leadership as well as those who simply want to survive. With children in the mix, now, and the swarms all but disappeared, it's anyone's guess what will happen next. The question on so many's lips, though, is where are the packs? Who will rise to be the first, new community?

02.28.17 As the swarms clear out, the dogs return to their battered, broken home. With the packs in disarray and all dogs back at the bottom of the rung, will the former leaders emerge on top once more - or will newcomers take the reins?
[O] Foot in the... by Gretchen, 04-15, 22:53.
[AA] playing th... by Gretchen, 04-01, 22:48.
Fuck Fake Frien... by Jackyll, 03-24, 00:12.
Fast As A Bulle... by Gretchen, 03-11, 19:44.

Take a moment to look over your profile to note the changes: age should be in seasons, weight should be in pounds, and height shoulder in feet at the shoulder, only. Please make sure you're only putting numbers into these fields as well - no words! (March 23)


  • Downtown 0 Topics - 0 Replies
    The downtown area is suffocating: narrow streets lined with long-dead cars and heaps of trash. The asphalt underfoot is broken and twisted, bucking in places and falling to nothingness in others. The ground itself is treacherous and unpredictable, though the cramped buildings manage to stand strong. Their windows are broken, doors collapsed and some walls lean against others for support, but they do not groan with the wind and the shelter they offer is far less demanding than the temporary dens created by the crumpling streets, which threaten to collapse at the slightest touch. Little water can be found in the city itself, its only true sources being abandoned fountains or holes that collect rainwater; prey, however, has begun to move into the urban landscape, offering at least a rabbit or cat to munch on day by day. It's a rough place, where the careless are easily broken and the young crushed. Only dogs aware of their surroundings with quick reflexes can survive in the dying city.

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  • North Station 6 Topics - 22 Replies
    At the southernmost edge of Downtown sits North Station, only resurfaced during a storm in year one. With only two entrances, the Station can be a bit of a death trap for the unsuspecting: a yawning hole opens up the streets and a large slab of unsteady concrete offers a sloping, precarious entrance into the underground. The other is a smaller, winding staircase littered with rocks and debris, leftovers from the implosions used to seal the tunnels, in the opposite corner. It raises up beyond Downtown proper, offering a convenient way in and out further away from the Butcher's territory. The Station itself is in disarray, but mostly whole. Twin subway cars, one going uptown and one downtown, squat on the old tracks, various doors ajar to allow for easy entrance and exit. Water fills much of the subway, varying from hour to hour in height, and when it rains there is always the potential of a flash flood.

    s i r i u s .   by Irial, 04-09-2017, 12:13 PM
  • Warehouse District 10 Topics - 83 Replies
    At the northernmost edge of the city sits the warehouse that started it all. The District itself is made up of many buildings, though the largest is the meat processing factory. Its yawning entrance, the doors ripped from their hinges, opens into a massive area littered with plastic bags and stained rust-red from blood; hooks hang from the ceilings and conveyor belts line the walls. Pens crowd the outside of the warehouse and a few discarded delivery semi trucks crouch in the parking lot. Beyond the meat plant lay other, smaller factories with varying purposes, though none is so well known as the meat plant, which stands as an urban legend to the dogs of Calvert City - some of which may hint, still, that the sickness lingers within its doors.

    Stupid is as Stupid Does   by Gunner, 03-28-2017, 03:38 AM

  • The Edge 15 Topics - 120 Replies
    Miles before you hit the city limits squats what was called simply The Edge. Ten or more feet high, circled with vicious barbed wire, it is all but impenetrable - especially for four legged species. Hallways have been formed with the brick walls, breaking up the naturalness of the area and leaving an eerie, barren place that reeks of mankind's influence. Those halls were used for separating purposes: the sick to one pen, the healthy to the next for quarantine. It is through this walkway, into the quarantine zone, that marked the only way in to Calvert City: until the wall began to fall. Riots, protests and generally attempts at escaping have left the wall in disarray. Though much of it stands, great chunks are missing, some with cars resting in the holes, and others eerily empty of whatever destroyed it in the first place. Grass and weeds are already trying to take over, poking up through the concrete and marching along the urban landscape.

    A BETTER WORD   by Gash, 03-29-2017, 10:34 PM
  • The Workroom 3 Topics - 17 Replies
    Pressed into the side of the Edge, where the wall stretches up, endless, to the sky sits a single door, ajar and broken. The room is spacious, but claustrophobic in that it is filled with things. Kennels line one wall, stacked on top of one another - some with bones inside and some empty, with only the stench of death remaining. Small cells created with chain link fencing and sterile plastic sheets line the other. The air itself is oppressive and heavy and there is the distinct feeling that something here went very, very wrong. The most frightening thing, however, is the lack of windows or other rooms. The only other door, leading, presumably, out of Calvert is sealed tight - something from the outside pressed up against the doorway to keep it shut. The existence of the door - one in, one out - suggests the area was used as both a midway point between the infected inside and the healthy outside and, with the kennels and cubicles lining the wall, a quarantine for the sick: a lazaretto.

    There's No Solution   by Strong, 03-29-2017, 07:23 AM
  • Farmlands 13 Topics - 100 Replies
    Just South of the Warehouse District, with a buffer zone of a few miles, lay the Farmlands that provided the meat for the factories. It stretches out for miles, filling the now-forgotten space before giving way to the Suburbs of the South. The farms are small, littered around a shared land space. The barns are decrepit, already wounded before the downfall of Calvert, and the ceilings have holes and shingles lay discarded among the ever-growing grasses. Livestock pens take up the majority of the open expanse of land, some larger than others; some are dirt-based for riding while others are simply turn-out paddocks. They serve, now, as an easy hunting ground - pushing the prey into a place they cannot escape before taking them down. The smartest dogs utilize this land, relying on cunning intelligence over brute strength. The land is desirable. With small farmhouses and dog runs dotting the landscape not taken by barns, and softly rolling hills broken up by small rivers, there's much by way of resources.

    Through the Looking Glass   by Confetti, 04-01-2017, 10:35 PM

  • Suburbs 5 Topics - 18 Replies
    A meadow separates the Farmlands from the Suburbs and, while the former remains relatively unscathed, the homes have suffered the worse damages in Calvert. Looting was rampant in the early days, eager humans snatching anything they could get their hands on. Fires have destroyed sections of the suburbs and the homes that were once pristine, something to be envied, have fallen into absolute disarray. The fences that lined their yards have fallen or been torn down and the grasses grow taller than many dogs, littering the small playgrounds and breaking through the wooden decks and concrete driveways of the homes. Many are no longer suitable for shelter, but if one is careful they can find a place for the night, at least. Little water is located in the immediate area, though some houses may sport a small fish pond or trough that collects water. Few prey wander into the suburbs, leaving little by way of food as most of the houses have already been stripped of anything worthwhile. An occasional chicken or rabbit, usually descendants of domestic pets, are a rare delicacy.

    Don't Let Me Down   by Petal, 04-04-2017, 03:15 PM
  • Dry Lake 8 Topics - 82 Replies
    The Southernmost edge of the town is taken up by a shallow lake. Much of it has been drained by the CDC in an attempt to isolate the town and its infected denizens. Boats sit stranded in the port, listing to one side with their hulls shattered. The water that remains in the crater is muddied and nearly undrinkable, fuel from the boats tainting it and leaving the Dry Lake a rather unpleasant area to be around in general. Its banks are steep and, if a dog is lucky, they can find an unfortunate prey animal trapped by the allure of fresh water. Pockets of rain still collect in the deeper bits of the lake so an extended search can turn up drinkable water - but the intervention of the government leaves the area rather desolate and life struggles to survive in what remains.

    Foot in the Grave   by Gretchen, 04-15-2017, 10:53 PM

  • Forest 9 Topics - 58 Replies
    At the far edge of town, where the horizon fades in the West, sits the impenetrable Forest. A mountain range juts up from the gently rolling hills at its base, stretching higher than most dogs hope to climb. The Forest dots its landscape, the trees hardy and close together. Pines, mostly, with the occasional Spruce or Fir. They're ancient giants, pressed close enough that their canopy helps block out the sun, giving it an eerie, misty feel. Though it seems odd, the Forest is surprisingly not as filled with prey as imagined. They've come down from the wilderness to the town, the predators taking advantage of the easy prey in the form of pets and humans, and the flightier prey leaving altogether. The dogs tend to avoid the wild Forests, sticking to what they know, though the allure of the fresh water and potential for small prey items is often enough to encourage a trek into the trees.

    Your's, Mine, Our's   by Kibulu, 04-11-2017, 10:10 PM
  • Waterfall 3 Topics - 22 Replies
    Discovered during year one, the waterfall is nestled deep in the back of the forest, where it juts up against the impenetrable mountainside. From the high, rocky outcrop of the mountain to the west tumbles a source of water no more than twenty feet across, but seemingly endlessly high, straight down to slam into the rocks at the bottom of the range. Though the twin falls seem relatively unimpressive, the noise is expansive and deafening, due in part to the barren, rocky landscape that echoes back whatever noise occurs. The forest lay further back, the trees not able to act as a softening barrier until you're nestled back within their canopy. A smaller, secondary waterfall lay behind it, though when the rains are especially brutal, they will join together to form one massive fall. The rocks themselves have been worn down in many places to form ragged, awkward edges and outcrops that are surprisingly smooth. A small pool fills at the bottom of the falls, spreading out into a stream that winds lazily through the forest and disappears from sight into the East.

    [AA] playing the angel   by Gretchen, 04-01-2017, 10:48 PM

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